We can’t forget about picking a good equipment for our drivers. Each Rider has his favourite equipment. It’s possible to find this during the match. We can compare how our rider performs on each type of equipment – Gold Engine, Diamond Engine and Black Engine and pick one of them - the best for rider. Another important thing is fitting equipment to pavement on track. It’s not necessary but very helpful.
Black Sport Manager offers also strongly developed Junior Academy. We can extend it, organize training course for our head-hunter and employ a coach. He will be responsible for progress which our juniors can take. It’s necessary to remember that junior for our Junior Academy is the best way to get more supporters. Talented juniors from our academy can become valuable riders . Who knows, maybe your rider will be a cap in the future.
The most important thing is your finances fluency. You have to negotiate with financial backer’s, renegotiate contracts with your riders, pay him a salary or buy necessary equipment. This is only a part of facilities offered by Black Sport Manager. Try to remember – sport’s club should be manage just like a company – otherwise you will never achieve a success. Sign up now and take part in this incredible speedway game.
One of the most interesting facility in Black Sport is 2D heat visualization. Most speedway games have only an usual description (text version) of heats. Our game gives 2D visualization after each heat during your match. The main idea is to provide more emotions and positive impressions.
Each rider in our team has seven main skills: driving technique, start technique, bravery, reflex, condition and companionship. These skills influence on his sport’s value. Additionally each of riders has different specialization. There are three available specializations in game – Forced, Technician and Starter.